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Highly Versatile Artiste Kilowatz

Artiste Profile: Introducing Highly Versatile Artiste Kilowatz In Ghana Music Industry

Born David ofori on 23rd of February in Korle Bu Accra, Kilowatz is a Ghanaian musician who discovered he was artistically talented during basic school, he was popular as he grew in schools and the neighborhood on account of his ability to perform popular songs by established musicians colleagues and friends always knew David will become a professional musician someday and just as predicted today he has been in Ghana music industry.

Kilowatz has released his first song as a professional musician and the prodigy is receiving soo much love from neutrals and colleague artiste from both mainstream artiste and upcoming artiste. Already as the CEO of Kilowatz Music David ofori is hopeful he will travel the World with his exceptional talent and certainly become a house hold name soon.

Kilowatz new tune OROMA was produced by VIqtirioz is on all music streaming platforms kindly check it out and Follow @kilowatz music on all social media platforms.

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