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Enterprise Insurance Company Limited is among the best insurance companies in Ghana and the oldest insurance company in the country, having been in operation since 1924.

Enterprise Insurance takes its roots from the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation of the United Kingdom, which started operations in the Gold Coast in 1924, then became Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance Ghana Limited, (GREG) and subsequently, Enterprise Insurance Company Limited.

The company prides itself as a leading Insurer in Fire, Marine, Motor, and General Accident.

The insurance company provides various products to serve your needs by giving you access to diverse and personalized plans that help you protect your family and safeguard all that matters most to you.

Check below for the various insurance products:

Personal Insurance Products

Under the personal insurance products, the policies are targeted at personal or individuals rather companies. There are over seven products to choose from.

1. PetInsure (Pet Insurance)

This product is ideal for dog owners, security companies that use security dogs, dog breeders, veterinary service providers, etc.

The Pet Insurance covers accident-related medical expenses, death resulting from injury/accidents, public liability, injury to caretaker/ owner, and food poisoning.

2. Home Advantage

This is bundled with pet insurance and it’s designed to offer extra protection for tenants and homeowners who have the home content or HPA policies and at the same time would like to insure their pets at home. The bundle offers a huge discount on the pet insurance as a combined offer.

3. Third Party Amplified (Enhanced Motor Third Party)

This product offers customers on the third party only or Third-Party Fire & Theft policy, the opportunity to get a cover for three specific areas of their vehicles, namely: windscreen, side-mirrors, and minor scratches at an affordable price.

4. CompExtra (Enhanced Motor Comprehensive policy)

This policy has three additional benefits in addition to the basic motor comprehensive cover and comes at an additional fee on the standard comprehensive cover.

5. Motor Insurance

Under Motor Insurance they have the following covers, Third Party only, Third Party Fire and, Theft, and Comprehensive

6. Home Insurance

This is a packaged policy specially designed for your home.

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7. Travel Insurance

The Travel Insurance product is designed for anyone intending to travel outside the borders of Ghana.

8. Personal Accident

The Personal Accident Policy provides compensation for those insured against death or injury arising from accidental, violent, external, and visible means.

Corporate Insurance Products

Enterprise Insurance Company Limited have corporate insurance policies that are targeted at companies unlike that of personal insurance products.

Below are the products under the corporate insurance

1. Assets All Risk

This is a special policy usually designed for corporate clients who want a complete insurance package to cover a wide range of risks.

2. Employers Liability

This policy provides indemnity in respect of an employer’s legal liability to his employees for occupational injury or disease.

3. Erection All Risk

The Erection policy offers comprehensive cover for Plant, Machinery, and Equipment or Steel Structures in the course of installation including commissioning and testing.

Third-Party bodily injury and property damages are also covered.

4. Fidelity Guarantee

The Fidelity Guarantee policy has been designed to make good and reimburse the employer’s losses of money by reason of fraud or the dishonesty of their employees in connection with their employment

5. Product Liability

The Products Liability Policy has been designed to cover the Insured’s legal liability for bodily injury to persons or loss of or damage to property caused by defects in goods sold, supplied, erected, installed, repaired, or manufactured by the insured.

6. Electronic Equipment Insurance

This policy provides a special cover for electronic/electrical systems like communication facilities, computers and other electronic data processing equipment against perils like fire, smoke, short-circuiting, malicious acts, and burglary.

7. Professional Indemnity

It has frequently been held by the Law Courts that the highest possible standard of care and accuracy is required from a professional who accepts a fee for giving advice on technical matters.

8. Consequential Loss or Business Interruption

While the fire policy covers the physical damage to your property this policy covers:

  • Net Profit lost as a consequence of the interruption of your business
  • Standing charges which continue to be payable by your business to the extent that they are no longer earned by the residual trading.
  • Wages of the staff that need to be retained during the interruption period.
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9. Marine Insurance

Our marine policies are for insuring your cargo against all types of losses that may occur during shipment. This policy may also be taken to cover air cargo and other types of freight.

10. Public Liability

The Public Liability Policy protects an insured in respect of his legal liability to third parties for both bodily injury including illness and for any loss or damage to property, which happens in connection with the respective insured’s business.

11. Money Insurance

This policy covers money (which is expressed to include cash; bank and currency notes; cheques; postal and money orders)against accidental loss, damage or destruction from any cause (including fire) which is not specifically excluded

12. Motor Insurance

Under Motor Insurance they have the following covers: Third Party only, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive

13. Household Content Insurance

This policy covers household contents against fire and the allied perils of lightning and explosion in addition to burglary. The package also has benefits for personal & employers’ liability as well.

14. Contractors All Risk

The Contractors-All-Risk Policy is a package policy covering all risks to which a construction firm is exposed.

15. Customs Bonds

Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) may require certain Bonds from you in the course of your Import and Export business; Enterprise Insurance would provide you with any such bond whenever demanded.

16. Goods In Transit

This policy indemnifies the insured for loss of or damage to merchandise in transit by fire, accidents and theft or pilferage following an accident to the carrying vehicle.

17. Burglary (Business Premises) Policy

Their Burglary policy covers stock–in–trade, fixtures, and similar property against theft involving entry or exit from the premises by forcible and violent means.

18. Cash In Transit

This policy covers money which is expressed to include cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal and money orders, against accidental loss, damage or destruction from any cause including fire which is not specifically excluded whilst in transit, being carried by the insured or his authorized representative or sent by registered post, on the insured premises during business hours in a locked safe or strong room

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19. Fire & Allied Perils

This Standard Fire Policy covers you against loss by Fire, Lightning and Explosion (arising out of domestic use of gas or a boiler)

20. Group Personal Accident

The Personal Accident Policy provides compensation to the client or named beneficiary for death or injury arising from accidental violence, external and visible means.

Subsidiaries of Enterprise Insurance Company Limited


Branches of Enterprise Insurance

Kumasi Mbrom Office

Former Internal Revenue Building Opp. Shell Filling Station

Tel.: 0302634750

Get Directions

Kumasi Ahodwo Office

Ahodwo Melcom Building

Tel.: 0302634749

Get Directions

Tamale Office

Hse No NR 5, Hospital Road P. O. Box 895
Northern Region

Tel.: 0302634753

Get Directions

Takoradi Office

2nd Floor, SSNIT House P. O. Box 500
Western Region

Tel.: 0302634752

Get Directions

Odorkor Office

1st Floor, Obrapa House Kaneshie-Malam Motorway
Greater Accra

Tel.: 0302634742

Get Directions

South Industrial Area Office

1st Floor , Barclays building near St. Theresa’s school North Kaneshie
Greater Accra

Tel.: 0302634745

Get Directions

Airport Office

No. 47 Patrice Lumumba Street Airport Residential Area

Tel.: (+233)0302634738

Get Directions

Lapaz Office

Ground Floor House no. 104/23 Abeashie Street, Nyamekye, Lapaz
Greater Accra

Tel.: 0302634746

Get Directions

Head Office

Advantage Place, Mayor Road, Ridge West,
Greater Accra

Tel.: 0302634777

Get Directions

Spintex Office

1st Floor, Takyi Plaza Plot no. 40 Spintex
Greater Accra

Tel.: 0302634741

Get Directions

Tema Office

Lodestar Heights, in front of Melcom Plus Community 1
Greater Accra

Tel.: 0302634747

Get Directions

For the best insurance policies, you might want to consider Enterprise Insurance Company Limited. Contact them through the numbers provided above or you can visit their branches nationwide.

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