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Lil Durk’s “Almost healed” album released – Stream here

Almost Healed, previously titled The Voice 2.0 is the eighth full-length studio album by the Chicago native Lil Durk, following his March 2022 chart-topping 7220.

lil durk almost healed album tracklist

Lil Durk Almost Healed album

Following the release of Only The Family’s fifth compilation album, Loyal Bros 2 in December 2022, Lil Durk had begun to tease the release of his next album as he captioned his Instagram posts indicating a new album, while often posting “The Voice 2.0” on his Instagram stories.

The album’s official title was announced in an April 2023 interview with XXL in which Durk noted that “2.0” stands for the growth he’s made since the release of its prequel.

After teasing the album’s lead single, “All My Life featuring J. Cole, on May 5, 2023, Durk officially announced the album and noted he changed the title to Almost Healed.

On May 20, 2023, the week of the album’s release, RapCaviar shared a producer list to build anticipation for the album as it featured production from Alicia KeysMetro BoominSouthside, and Wheezy, alongside Chopsquad DJ who produced the majority of the LP.

Lil Durk’s almost healed album tracklist

  1. “Therapy Session”
  2. “Pelle Coat”
  3. “All My Life” ft. J. Cole
  4. “Never Again”
  5. “Put Em on Ice”
  6. “Big Dawg” ft. Chief Wuk
  7. “Never Imagined” ft. Future
  8. “Sad Songs”
  9. “Before Fajr”
  10. “War Bout It” ft. 21 Savage
  11. “You Got Em”
  12. “Grandson” ft. Kodak Black
  13. “300 Urus”
  14. “Same Side” ft. Rob49
  15. “B12”
  16. “At This Point We Stuck”
  17. “Cross the Globe” ft. Juice Wrld
  18. “Dru Hill”
  19. “Belt 2 Ass”
  20. “Stand by Me” ft. Morgan Wallen
  21. “Moment of Truth”
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Stream Lil Durk’s almost healed album below


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