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‘We’re in a serious trouble if our local league can’t produce players for our youth football’ – Agyemang Badu fumes

Ex-Ghana player Emmanuel Agyemang Badu thinks Ghana football is in a big dilemma after series of unfortunate and bad displays at major tournaments in recent times.

He thinks Ghana can’t or shouldn’t be over relying on foreign based players to be able to excel at the Youth level of international football.

According to him, the local league in Ghana should be able to produce enough quality players to play for the national teams at youth level.

Badu believes if the country’s local league is incapable to produce talents for the national team then the football is in a very serious trouble.

“How can we be so over – reliant on IMF (foreign – born and foreign – based) Players at youth level? If local league can’t produce players for our youth football, then we’re in serious trouble”, he told Joy Sports in an interview.

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