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Remedies to Treat Peeling of Skin

Remedies to Treat Peeling of Skin

To understand the peeling of one’s skin one must also understand the structure of the skin. Our skin comprises three basic layers: the outer layer and the epidermis. The middle layer or otherwise known as the dermis, and the inner layer is referred to as the hypodermis. Each layer is known for a particular function and is in continuous change. Every 28 days, the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin gets replaced completely. This change in the skin occurs due to various factors, such as too much sun exposure, friction, hydration, and other environmental factors.

Peeling is a temporary phenomenon and heals up as the new skin surfaces. Sunburn also causes it. Many people during the summer love to spend time near the swimming pool or beach to get a gorgeous suntan. At times on account of overexposure, the skin suffers from sunburn.

How to Treat Peeling of Skin

Below are some of the top and most effective home remedies to treat peeling skin –

  • One can apply grated cucumber for 15 to 20 minutes which can prove effective for skin peeling
  • One can apply the juice of fresh mint every night on the affected areas, which can prevent dryness
  • A mixture of olive, turmeric, honey as well as sandalwood paste is very important are very effective in rejuvenating one’s skin that is arched as well as dry
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Disorders that cause peeling of skin

  • Erythroderma can cause thickening as well as flaking of the skin
  • Hand eczema causes rashes as well as itches on the skin on account of increased usage of soap as well as detergents
  • Psoraisis ends to surface on one’s skin by inflammation as well as scaling, thus causing it to peel
  • Overdose of Vitamin A also causes the skin to peel
  • Kawaski disease is a disorder usually occurring among infants as well as young children, thus causing rashes as well as swelling of one’s hands
  • Peeling of skin is a rare skin disorder.

Other causes of peeling of skin

  • Excessive perspiration on account of boots or gloves
  • Rashes can also cause peeling
  • When blisters tend to break, then the skin is exposed to peeling

Diet to Treat Peeling of Skin
It is important to have the right diet to keep the skin in proper shape. One must have a nutritious diet. Vitamin A, Iodine, Iron, and Vitamin B deficiency must be avoided. Proteins, as well as Vitamin C, prevent infection and promote healing.

Preventive Measures for Peeling Skin

  • Moisturize the skin
  • One can soak in an oatmeal bath in case one is suffering from over-peeling
  • Make use of sunscreen when one is out in the sun
  • One must drink plenty of water
  • One must make use of mild soaps rather than harsh soaps
  • One must not scratch peeled skin as it can damage the skin further
  • Do not take a hot water bath as it drains the skin of natural oils
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Peeling of the skin caused by sunburn can be taken care of by either home remedies or simple off-the-counter products.

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