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Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

20 Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

The Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt includes promotion of respiratory functions, maintaining pH balance, Sleep Inducer, Keeping away infections, curing ddigestion problems and many more

Flaunting a visually distinctive appearance in pale rose pink color, the Himalayan salt is highly regarded for maintaining an impressive nutritional profile, as it is rich in essential minerals essential for your overall health. It is also known as pink salt and is the purest salt on the planet.

Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

Health Benefits Of Himalayan Pink Salt

There are several health benefits of Himalayan salt, some of which are discussed below.

1. Promotes Respiratory Functions

Himalayan salt has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help it clear the excess mucus faster by loosening it, identifying and eliminating the pathogens in the air, and lowering the level of the immune system over sensitivity. Himalayan salt caves are very popular these days, and people who opt for halotherapy with these caves will have to inhale the dry salt in micronized form.

This salt therapy is also said to be a drug-free treatment for chronic bronchitis. Salt therapy is useful for chronic conditions like eczema, allergies, asthma, COPD, and bronchitis. It also improves the respiratory system health of snorers and smokers.

2. Maintains pH Balance

The Himalayan salt contains mineral contents that can maintain your body’s pH levels. When your body has the perfect pH balance with the right proportion of healthy acids and alkaline, it can do wonders for your overall body health. Having the right pH balance is important to strengthen your immunity and improve the process of digestion.

As this salt has electrolytes and sodium, it positively affects your blood’s pH level. It also controls the fluid level in your blood and neutralizes the acid to regulate the pH levels in your tissues and blood.

3. Perfect Sleep Inducer

Himalayan salt can help you enjoy a sound sleep, as it is rich in minerals. Adding it to your everyday diet will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep and rest well. It acts as a natural sleep aid and helps you overcome all kinds of irregular sleep patterns. Those suffering from sleep apnea issues can use this salt instead of table salt in their cooking to enjoy a good night’s sleep every day.

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4. Keeps Away the Infections

The sodium content in the pink salt obtained from the Himalayas has the prowess to fight all kinds of infections. This salt can fight against the infection-causing bacteria to keep infections at bay. It can be a practical choice to prevent all types of skin infections. Regular intake of this salt will promote the immune system and helps the infections to heal much faster.

Including this salt in your everyday cooking will help you have a better immune system and a shield of protection against infections. You can also apply the salt on the skin infections topically or use it in your bath to prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

5. Cures Digestion Problems

The saturated solution made from Himalayan salt and purified water is called sole. Using this sole solution every day will kindle the peristalsis of your digestive system, maintain the digestive organs’ health, and maintain stomach acid levels. Regular sole use will induce digestive fluid production in the pancreas and the liver, maintain a perfect acid and alkaline balance, and improve metabolism.

6. Acts As A Natural Steroid

Himalayan salt is a great natural alternative to asthma steroids. When you inhale the air filled with this salt, its particles pass through your respiratory system. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties can detox and purify the sinuses and lungs.

Inhaling this salt helps lower asthma symptoms, control seasonal allergies by clearing the sinuses, clearing the congestion in your chest, and promoting lung health in people who have developed cystic fibrosis.

Other Health Benefits

Himalayan salt also offers additional health benefits such as:

  • Regulates the water level in your body to promote overall functions
  • Supports adrenal and thyroid functions
  • Lowers the symptoms of aging
  • Maintains an overall balance in the hormones for women and men
  • Aids vascular health
  • Reduces leg cramps
  • Promotes vascular health
  • Improves cellular energy
  • Promotes the levels of blood sugar
  • Promotes bone strength
  • Improves the libido
  • Offers excellent circulatory support
  • Improves the gallbladder and kidney health
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Is pink Himalayan salt healthier than regular salt?

There is no clear evidence that pink Himalayan salt is healthier than regular salt. Pink Himalayan salt is mined in the Himalayas and is considered pure and contaminant-free. Some people believe it is healthier because it contains trace minerals not found in regular salt, but there is not much scientific evidence to support this claim. However, people who take it regularly vouch for the immense benefits it brings them.

What are the side effects of taking Himalayan salt?

No known side effects are associated with consuming pink Himalayan salt in small amounts. However, it is essential to consume salt in moderation, as too much can lead to high blood pressure and other health problems. The American Heart Association recommends that adults consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, about one teaspoon of salt. Consuming more than this can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure and other health problems.

Does pink salt raise blood pressure?

Consuming too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. No proof suggests that pink Himalayan salt is more or less likely to raise blood pressure than regular salt. However, 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day is enough for the body, and any more salt than that can lead to health issues.

Mineral Composition of Himalayan Pink Salt

Mineral Content per 100g
Sodium 36.8g
Chloride 54.4g
Calcium 118mg
Potassium 17mg
Magnesium 4mg
Iron 0.07mg
Zinc 0.05mg
Copper 0.1mg
Manganese 0.5mg

As per a study done by Nutrition Research Australia, a person should not consume more than 6 g of pink salt per day from all the food sources.

FAQs on Himalayan Pink Salt

What is the history Of Himalayan Pink Salt?

The Himalayan crystal salt is made from the crystallized ancient salt sea beds buried under the deep layers of ice, lava, and snow for 200 million years. Later, the Himalayan range that grew over this salt bed protected and preserved the salt by maintaining an untouched, pollution-free environment. The salt is mined at a depth of 5000 feet beneath the Himalayan range, which makes it 99% pure than the other salt forms. Now, this salt is mined from the foot of the Himalayas in Pakistan.

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Why Himalayan Salt Is Healthy?

The locals living in its place of origin refer to Himalayan salt as “white gold,” as it consists of 84 natural minerals and elements like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, and calcium, which are essential for human health. This salt gets a faint pink hue due to a small amount of iron oxide. It also has traces of copper, zinc, iodine, and selenium.

What is the difference between Himalayan Pink Salt and Table Salt?

Himalayan Table Salt Differences
Compared to regular table salt, Himalayan salt is much healthier and more balanced. The pink salt is mined manually to retain its mineral content, while the table salt is mined using unnatural methods and undergoes heavy processing procedures. Regular table salt contains 97.5% to 99.9% sodium chloride content, whereas Himalayan salt has only 87% sodium chloride. Plus, table salt has just sodium, and iodine is added. It can be dangerous to your health, as it is processed with anti-clumping agents and is bleached with toxic ingredients.

Himalayan salt is undoubtedly the best among the salt choices and is widely used for therapeutic and culinary uses. Himalayan salt indeed has a lot of minerals, but it is still high in sodium levels. Ensure you don’t overdo it, as using too much salt in your diet can cause high blood pressure. When used in moderation, this pink salt can offer several health benefits.

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