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Jo Lindner: YouTuber and bodybuilder dies in girlfriend’s arms

German bodybuilder Jo Lindner was suffering from a mysterious neck pain in the last few days, which turned out to be an aneurysm that caused his death. The YouTube influencer died at the age of 30 in the arms of his girlfriend Nicha.

Jo Lindner, who was also known as Joesthetics, suffered the sudden aneurysm that caused his death, his girlfriend and friends shared on social media.

“He was in my arms… This is happening too fast… Three days ago he told me his neck hurt, but we didn’t realize until it was too late. He was the most amazing and incredible person in this world,” she added.

“He believed in everyone, especially me, that I could be better and be somebody in this world. He worked hard to stay motivated, even though sometimes he didn’t feel that motivated. But he couldn’t rest or give up for his fans, because he knew that 8 million people needed this from him.”

Lindner’s girlfriend sent him off with a touching message

Jo Lindner’s girlfriend posted pictures of the two of them before his tragic death and called him an amazing person.

“If his boys knew him like I do, he is the most amazing and incredible person in this world,” she continued.

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Before his death, Lindner had said he was afraid of suffering a heart attack from overtraining, telling YouTuber, Bradley Martyn, that “The heart is a muscle too, that’s my biggest concern, what if I cramp up so bad that my heart cramps?”.

In addition to the sensitive message shared on social media by his girlfriend, other friends of his also weighed in, including Noel Deyzel.

“I’m heartbroken, brother. You opened your arms to us, showed us so much about life and social media. Your generosity to me and others will always remain with me. I just don’t know what to say anymore. It pains me to know that you are gone forever. I love you brother, rest easy.”


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