Weed is more important than cocoa

Weed is more important than cocoa – Rastaman tells government

A Rastafarian has called for marijuana to be legalized.

He argued that it is a more expensive product than cocoa adding that the country will make billion if legalized.

The Rastafarian who joined the #FixTheCountry demonstration over the 2022 budget and fiscal policy of the government, said Ghana is wasting money on cocoa compared to marijuana.

He stated that the herb is more beneficial and healthy than cocoa.

He said “There’s something going on in the country, I’m not happy. The budget has affected the price of weed because those bringing the herbs from the village are afraid that they will be arrested, therefore if it comes to Accra, the price will definitely increase.

“We have left the authorities to import cigarettes into the country which can cause tuberculosis and the weed which is created by God and today, the police will arrest for the weed… So wee is important that the cocoa we export…”

Another rastaman said indeed the price of the weed has increased due to the increment in transport fares.

“Wee is something that brings more money to the country than any product but we don’t know why the government will arrest people on that,” he said.

He said the government is wasting time on imprisoning people who use marijuana instead of legalizing it stating that Ghana will make millions of dollars if the herb is legalized.


–Pulse Ghana–

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