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Viral Video of Pretty Lady Apologizing To Boyfriend On Her Knees in Public

Pretty Lady Apologizing To Boyfriend in Public

The atmosphere on the internet is different from usual as an unidentified man and a lady cause a massive stir, per the video we have spotted.

In the viral video, the woman is seen on her knees begging a man (boyfriend) for forgiveness. This upon hitting online attract mixed reactions thereby making social media users wagging their tongues.

Citing other reports, the video starts, the woman and man are seen having an evidently uncomfortable conversation on the streets with the lady holding the man’s clothing tightly.

In a matter of seconds, she starts sobbing while still holding the man’s jacket and goes on her knees to beg him

As the man notices the amount of attention they are both getting, he tries to get the lady’s hands off his jacket but her strong grip continues to hold on.

Onlookers start gathering from a distance to watch the unfolding drama but the with lady unashamedly continues to plead with the man who is seemingly losing his patience.

The spectators can be heard saying “anaachwa na hataki kuachika, wanabreak up (He is breaking up with her but she can’t accept it)”.

The video sparked reactions on social media with one side netizens blaming the man for the drama while the other side said the lady went too far with the persuasion of the presumed lover.

Check out the video beneath :


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