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UG: Institutional Advancement to partner Radio Univers in campaign against indiscriminate posting on campus

UG: Institutional Advancement to partner Radio Univers in campaign against indiscriminate posting on campus
The Office of Institutional Advancement says that it is ready to partner with Radio Univers 105.7FM in a campaign that seeks to end the flouting of the university’s advertising policy.

Political aspirants, civil societies, corporate bodies, and religious groups have been seen consistently and deliberately acting in contravention with the policy as they deface the campus of the University of Ghana with their posters.

These culprits have their posters placed at unapproved places on the university campus.

Director of the Office of Institutional Advancement, Prof. Ebo Hinson, expressed worry over the happenings.

He said that some progress had been made by the Office to ensure adherence to the policy but admits that there is more work to be done.

Prof. Ebo Hinson, who heads the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department at the University of Ghana Business School, says that there are plans to hold sensitization campaigns to ensure brand discipline.

“If Radio Univers will partner with my office, we will run series of workshops and sensitization campaigns because it looks as if we don’t have the brand discipline. We need to really make the University of Ghana the best. We’ve made some progress but we’re still not there yet. The marketing community unit under my office is part of those who are supposed to be watchdogs. That’s why I really want to partner Radio Univers to bring some sanity into the University’s brand space,” he stated.

Whilst Prof. Hinson believes that some who indiscriminately post on the campus do so without knowledge of the advertising policy, he adds that their ignorance of the University’s policies was not an excuse.


“Rules are rules and in life, we don’t break rules. Therefore, they should stop what they are doing. Now, I think what we need to consider is a quick call to the Dean of Students Affairs to give him some kind of directions on how these rules need to be applied. And then speak to the advertising committee and the Public Affairs to issue some directions on how these rules need to be applied. Some have stated they break rules because they don’t know the rules, meanwhile ignorance of the law is not an excuse,” he added.

Radio Univers 105.7FM has renewed efforts to get various groups to desist from defacing the campus of the country’s premier university.

With an election for the selection of new executives for the Students Representative Council in the offing, it has become common to see their fliers at unapproved places on the campus of the university.

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