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Top 5 crypto trading platforms in Ghana 2022

Cryptos are gradually finding strong roots in Africa leading to the rise of these top 5 crypto trading platforms in Ghana in 2022.

The digitalization efforts by the government have led to a crypto boom and the rise of many crypto exchanges in Ghana.

In this piece, we intend to highlight the most reliable crypto trading apps, and the top 5 crypto apps while placing an extra focus on why we believe these crypto apps are the best cryptocurrency trading platforms in Ghana.

If you find yourself in Ghana and wish to buy Bitcoin, and sell Bitcoin and cryptos in general, this list would guide you.



This crypto trading platform offers Ghanaians the convenience of buying Bitcoin, Selling Bitcoin, Buying USDT, and Selling USDT and other crypto values through Mobile Money (MOMO) and Bank Transfers.

Mybitstore comes with a free Bitcoin Wallet, USDT wallet as well as wallets for other crypto values.

The ability to convert Bitcoin to multiple crypto values on Mybitstore makes this platform very unique.

To us, it is the perfect Bitcoin app in Africa. Mybitstore makes it easy for beginners to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin. Their fees are currently the lowest within the crypto trading space and as an extra, you can earn commission when you refer.

One of the top global peer-to-peer Bitcoin markets exists on Mybitstore. Their latest version, Mybitstore 2.0 offers a unique automated payment platform that presents users the ease of receiving payment instantly, through an innovative payment system. This new update makes withdrawal very easy.

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One of the good exchanges in Ghana to buy and sell Bitcoin is this one. It provides services for buying, selling, exchanging, and wallets. On this platform, you can purchase and sell bitcoin using the local currency.


One of the apps for converting Ghanaian cedi (GHS) to Bitcoin is this one. . One advantage of using this platform is that extra fees associated with sending money through conventional banking institutions are avoided. On its platform, which accepts several different forms of payment, Paxful boasts of having offers for Ghanaian cedis.



One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is this one. Coinbase is based in the USA and is also available in Ghana. Ghanaians should choose Coinbase because of its offline storage and top-notch security. Additionally, Coinbase allows you to hold an unlimited number of crypto assets. Customers may purchase and sell bitcoin using local currencies like Ghanaian cedis through this platform.



Binance offers support for practically all nations in the world. Binance is a good place to go if you want to swap your Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency. For your exchange transactions, you can also use Binance Coin, the platform’s native token.

All these exchanges are good and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, but we advise that for the finest results you always settle for the trading platform that best serves your interest in terms of user-friendliness, low fees and easy withdrawal.

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