Tips on How to Live as a Newly Posted Teacher

Now that you’ve been posted to the village or city, undoubtedly, this is the first time most of us will be leaving our parents or families to leave alone in a faraway place.

To most of us, it might feel like freedom from parental control and supervision but the reality is it’s the beginning of your life and just one wrong move is enough to mess your life forever.
Below are some tips on what to do and what not to do whiles you go out there.

Financial Tips

  1. Commit to saving a percentage of your salary every single month preferably 10% to 20% depending on your expenses. It’s difficult but once you are able to do it regularly, it becomes a habit.
  2. Get a second stream of income. Depending on one stream of income is a sure way to be poor and live on loans and borrowed money.
  3. If possible, avoid loans. Loans are good when it is used wisely. You can borrow to revamp your business, buy land, or invest in something that can earn you money for you to repay. DON’T take a loan to decorate your room and purchase home appliances to show off or prove to people that you are also there.
  4. Spend wisely, plan before you buy. Try as much as possible to buy nonperishable items in bulk. Example rice, gari, milo, and stuff.
  5. If you are a Christian, don’t forget to deduct your tithe, it’s very important.
  6. Get an Emergency Account that you can fall on in case of emergency. A percentage of your salary should be dedicated to that.
  7. Get an insurance policy. Insurance is good but before you sign onto any policy, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions governing that policy. Don’t sign onto any insurance because someone said it’s good. Take the pain to read and understand before you append your signature.
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Lifestyle Tips

  1. DO NOT look down on anybody, remember you are privileged to be in that position.
  2. Health is wealth. Eat well, no junk foods and all the fried this, fried that. If you will buy from outside, make sure it is healthy.
  3. Respect is reciprocal. Give and it shall be given.
  4. Hard work pays.
  5. Humility is a powerful road paver; it paves way for you to go places.
  6. It cost nothing to be nice.
  7. Guys, keep your dick in your boxer shorts.
  8. Ladies, we know you are beautiful, wear your panties and STAY AWAY from people’s husbands.
  9. Your dressing counts, dress well.
  10. Light and water bills should not be delayed. Pay regularly. If for any reason you cannot pay immediately, communicate it to your landlord or landlady and take steps to settle as soon as possible.

Business Tips

  1. Study the community before starting any business
  2. Remember that your business idea may look excellent in your mind but on the ground, it may not stand a chance. A little research will not hurt.
  3. Bookkeeping or record keeping is the secret, you can track the success of your business by simply keeping records.
  4. Word of mouth has been the best advertising strategy ever, take note.
  5. Engage in healthy competition.
  6. Don’t look down on any business, after all, we are all making money.
  7. Invest wisely.
  8. Don’t trust blindly.




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