Three things women should consider before choosing a man

Three things women should consider before choosing a man – Lady reveals

A Nigerian lady identified as Oge Nsimah has revealed the only three things ladies should consider before dating or choosing a woman for themselves.

According to her, ladies should only lookout for a motivational speaker, a good cultured or character man, and on top of it all, a man with plenty of money.

She went ahead to reveal that men should be rated beyond their net worth because some might have all the money in the world but might be senseless.

With excess money and a bad character, a man becomes what she calls a cake where everyone comes around, cuts what she can and move away without looking back, adding that it is like ripe corn planted by the roadside, anyone can pass and harvest.

Oge Nsimah opined that no women in their right sense would agree to put up with a man who has money but no good character as they can also make their own money.

She went further to advise men to work on their character just as they struggle to build their finances to enable them to attract responsible girls out there as no one, according to her, wants nonsense.

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She shared her thoughts in a Facebook post.

She wrote;

“According to African traditional thinking, Character is the beauty of a woman while money is the beauty of a man.

Men listen, they lied to you people.

See, the days of your fathers has gone….

If you have money without a good character

You are nothing but a National Cake, cut and go.

in short, you are ash*wo people palliative

Ripe Corn planted by the Roadside, anyone can pass and harvest.

No woman with her right senses will keep you as her man.

you know that saying, its only the foolish that goes to the market to buy the rotten articles..

Unfortunately, No woman wants to be foolish, they can make their own money..so they can’t substitute money with good character.

So guys, as you are building your finances build your character alongside, Nobody like n*sense.

Husband material must have sense, good character and money.”

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