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TheSYLVESTER Gents Grooming Shop now opened to the public

TheSYLVESTER Gents Grooming shop located at Gbawe in Accra has been opened to the general public with Free Internet access, Mineral water, and uninterrupted power supply, the CEO has said.

Uniquely naming the venture as the CEO, Mr. Sylvester says customers who patronize their services at TheSYLVESTER shop have the chance to benefits from the various gifts that are available.

In an exclusive interview with Eugenia Wimbe on Razak Ghana TV during the grand opening of TheSYLVESTER Gents, the CEO observed that despite the economic hardship in Ghana, TheSYLVESTER Gents Grooming will be giving free internet access, mineral water and free drink to all customers for chosing the shop among the lots.

“When you come here, everything you want is available for you. You have your comfort zone, you have access to DStv to watch anything you want to watch and the workers here will also take care of you”.

Responding to how much it will cost customers for patronizing the shop, Mr. Sylvester, while advising customers not to be scared of the edifice’s nice look, says the shop is affordable and everyone is welcomed to patronize it.

“Somebody asked me that the thing is too beautiful and so it’s going to be too expensive and I was like no. It looks very glamorous but very cheap”, he said.

In a jest, Mr. Sylvester said “the customers themselves would love to top up after enjoying their good services”.

The young CEO who also happens to be in his early thirties also advised the youth not to rush in life since wealth hastily gotten dwindles but he who gathers little by little develops it.

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He mentioned that, “It’s not easy tho but when we rush in life, we end up to a place where you don’t want to go. So it’s for us to at least come down, start from where you want to start from”.

For more information, you can call Or Whatsapp TheSYLVESTER Gents Grooming on 0541147713 or follow them on Instagram @TheSYLVESTER Gents.

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