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TESCON-UEW in turmoil


Politics and elections, especially, internal ones are organized in such a way it does not breed divisions and misunderstandings amongst parties involved, especially, in the NPP.

TESCON, being the main grooming Youth wing of the NPP has every potential to produce well-trained persons to hold various positions in the NPP, most of whom are elected executive of the association.

This case is different for the TESCON in the University of Education, Winneba. The elections held on the 13th of March, 2021 was characterized by series of irregularities, that birthed a lot of concerns from the student body.

Sources have it the prior to the elections a presidential candidate petitioned the Regional TESCON coordinator, Regional Youth Organizer, the Chief Patron and all others of importance through the Judicial Board of the association, of some irregularities in connection with the register, where some 315 names were smuggled into the register for the election and called for its suspension till those anomalies were resolved but all fell on death ears.

The election, that saw
1. Non TESCON members voting,
2. level 100 students, who were barred by the CI from voting, voting,
3. Cards being issued to individuals on election day with names fixed in the register to vote,
4. True TESCON members, with dues fully paid couldn’t find their names in the register, etc.

In the presence of the Central regional Youth Organizer, Anthony Sackey, a member came to the polling station to exercise his rightful franchise, only to be told he has already voted, an indication someone has voted with his name.

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All the above rigging concerns were tabled before the appropriate authorities, since 17th March 2021, our sources say, on the instructions of the Central regional Youth Organizer but have not seen any hearing to date.

Are we breaking the 8 with these?

1. Petitions not attended to?
2. People with power allowed to subvert the will of the people?
3. Authorities pretending all is well only to serve their parochial interests at the expense of the party?

On the election day, our sources disclosed, the Central regional TESCON coordinator, Mr. Uriel Ewusie, who was delegated by the regional Youth Organizer to supervise the election was on campus and all calls by some aspirants to use students ID cards as a means of identification for voters was dismissed by him. He subsequently left the campus at about 11:00am, leaving the whole election in the hands of the association’s Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Felix Dzorgbenuku to control, until around 4:00pm when the Regional YouthOrganizer came around. It was during this period that people came to vote with cards with names other than their actual names. These impersonations, when reported to Mr. Felix Dzorgbenuku, the only actions he took were to take the cards and nothing else.

The whole elections had no form of identity verification of voters, our sources say.

If nothing is done about this, it will serve as a precedent for subsequent TESCON-UEW elections as most membership has vowed not to take part in any activities whatsoever of the association and also not recognize executive the rigged elections has produced, on campus till the right thing is done.

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We can’t break the 8 with this attitude of rigging the elections to favour authorities’ interests.

We are by this notice, for the sake of the love for our dear party, NPP, asking the National Youth Organizer, Henry Nana Boakye Esq, and all leaders of the party to intervene and get the right thing done in order to maintain peace to break the 8.

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