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SUNYANI : History Behind Sunyani Region And Why It Is Adjudged The Cleanest City In Ghana

Sunyani, the capital city of the Bono Region consists mainly of the Bono people.

Sunyani by far has been voted several times as the cleanest city in Ghana and this is mainly due to the orderliness of the inhabitants.

The city of Sunyani rose as an outpost camp for elephant hunters during the 19th century with its name originating from the Akan word for elephant, ‘Osono’.

Following the construction of a road connecting Sunyani and the city of Kumasi, Sunyani became an important hub for the distribution of cocoa, kola nuts, and staple foods such as maize and yams.

Hence, In 1924, the colonial government designating Sunyani as a district headquarters.

Today, Sunyani is home to the Brong-Ahafo regional government and high court. Although considerably smaller than Kumasi, Sunyani is growing rapidly and has effectively engulfed the suburbs of Fiapre and Abesim amongst others.

Sunyani is a clean and well maintained city with a thriving economy.

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