Hello, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

I bring warm greetings from the corridors of E-compound. I must say that your recent outpour on National issues is nauseating, juxtaposing it to the numerous economic lectures you had on various campuses across the country, which earned you the title “Economic Messiah”, but if not Ghanaians voting you and your government into power, You would have been all-time best Economic Messiah Ghana never had, but once again, Posterity and Karma remain our natural Judge. The truth has caught up with you and everyone has seen you never walk the talk but quick to find respite under some digitisation umbrella.

Mr Vice President, I recently chanced on a reportage where you threw shades at H.E John Dramani Mahama about his comment on your abysmal economic performance.

Mr vice president, this is no shade, and you must be ashamed of making such an empty and reckless statement. Dr Bawumia, You are touted as the all-knowing in economics and now coupled with your new found supposed love, “digitalised economy” …
You have done what No economist in the world has been able to do, by propelling a theory of knowing how good the economy is when you consider the exchange rate… Today under your supposed ” economic messiah leadership”, the dollar to cedi has moved from 3.8gh to 6.13.
Again Dr Bawumia fuel which was sold at 14gh per gallon when you took over, is now trading at 30gh per gallon.
Dr Bawumia again. You made the loudest noise when it comes to the country debt … before you took over, our country debt stock was around 120 billion, but today, under your much-touted economic prowess coupled with your mismanagement… our debt stock is approximately 332 billion GH in just 5 years which is about 76.6% of our GDP.
Dr Bawumia, I think it’s high time you fired the one who writes your speeches, because he keeps disgracing you with lies and skyrocketing promises you can never fulfil.

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Dr Bawumia, again, what is your best inflation rate? Can it be compared to John Mahama, who we all know is a communicator and a sixth form economic student? JM as the leader of the Economic Management Team (EMT), gave us single-digit inflation for the longest time… what have you, Dr Bawumia, given Ghanaians apart from Lies and IT classroom tuition…?

Mr vice President please get to work and fix the garddem country and stop parading yourself for public ridicule…because you are an epitome of failure.
Under Your leadership today, teachers are suffering more. Drivers are suffering more. Market women are suffering more. Students are suffering more. Civil servants are suffering more, Fishermen are suffering more, farmers are suffering more, citizens are suffering the more…

Mr vice President, though brilliant, your people are just making you a laughing stock…

Thank you 😎

Bright Paa Kwesi Agyare
Staff, Office of Madina MP.

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