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Scientists say a proper hug must neither last less than 5 seconds nor more than 10 seconds

proper hug

The next time you hug someone, make sure the duration of the hug does not last for less than five seconds and it must not exceed 10 seconds either if you want to enjoy the full benefits.

Scientists have found that a perfect hug with crisscrossed arms should not exceed 10 seconds or the orgasmic benefits will not be felt.

In a research finding published on ScienceDirect, scientists found that 10-second hugs have what it takes to trigger the most pleasure compared with five seconds which gives a slightly reduced pleasure. They also discovered that a one-second squeeze sparks the least pleasure.

The scientists conducted a survey in which participants were made to practice different durations of hugs and it was found that the participants who crisscrossed the arms got higher arousal.

It was further discovered that hugs in which the waist of one party is encircled with the arms while the other’s shoulders are grabbed give higher pleasure.

Anna Dueren, one of the researchers is quoted as saying: “The pleasure experienced by participants was increased after five- and 10-second hugs compared to one-second hugs.

“Participants indicated higher arousal levels immediately post-hug compared to three and six minutes post-hug, whereas the experienced pleasure and control did not change with time.”

So, there you have it. When you hug, hug properly to spark the orgasmic pleasure that comes with it.



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