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Rotimi awakens fans on how to focus on been more productive

The complexities of life are too complex to complicate things. Consequently, everybody needs somebody to guide them through the complexities of life to gain a better understanding of life cycle and how it works.

Hollywood actor, model and singer Olurotimi Akinosho otherwise better known as Rotimi has given his fans and those it may concern a food for thought as to how to channel their energy into being more productive instead of focusing on circumstances that hold them back.


He posted a jaw-dropping picture of himself and girlfriend (Vanessa Mdee) on Instagram with a deep seeded caption: “It’s not about where you’re coming from, it’s where you’re going”. It’s a very simple caption with a heavy crown of thought provoking elements to awaken fans and help them focus on working on their future instead of dwelling on their past.

63,519 fans have reacted to the post coupled with 616 comments in less than 6 hours.

Story by: John Claude Tamakloe


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