Black Sherif

Revealed: Black Sherif’s Manager Invested Over $300,000 into His Career Before he Dumped Him for Another Label

Ghanaian radio presenter DJ Slim has rained more attacks on Black Sherif over his ongoing beef with his manager.

According to the brash radio presenter, Black Sherif has to be brought to order because his actions are undermining investor confidence in Ghanaian artistes.

Over the past few days, rumours have emerged that ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker Black Sherif and his manager have had a falling out.

Slim, who works for ‘Radio One’ fm in Kumasi, first made the revelation during a segment on his show.

According to him, Sherif has packed out of his manager’s house and gone solo after the manager sunk all they had to invest in him.

He claimed that Sherif has gone to sign with a new record label, Empire Records, after becoming a star.

Slim slammed the trap star for being ungrateful towards his manager.

In a new video, DJ Slim has revealed that Sherif’s manager invested over $300,000 into his career to turn him into the success he currently is.

According to him, Sherif must be made to see through his deal with his manager because he deserves a return on his investment.

DJ Slim said he’s making noise about this issue because if Black Sherif gets away with this, it would make it harder to convince investors to put their money into music.

Listen to his latest rant below…





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