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Police incited to prevent LANMA from demolishing illegal Estate Building

Police incited to Prevent La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly from demolishing illegal Estate Building

Police Patrol team from the Accra Police Headquarters threatened to fire gun at the Madina Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Jennifer Dede Adjabeng and some staff from the Assembly over the demolition of an illegal Estate Building owned by a business man.

On the Wednesday, 30th June, 2021, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mrs. Jennifer Dede Adjabeng together with staff from the Assembly went to the said lands to carry out a demolition exercise which is their sole responsibility but they were prevented by some Police Patrol team from the Greater Accra Police Headquarters.

One police officer named Samuel Ofori threatened to fire a gun at the driver’s of the excavators if they dare make a move to demolish the buildings.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mrs. Jennifer Dede Adjabeng explained that the private developer, the Chief Executive Officer of Beige Capital (CEO), Mike Nyinaku has forcefully taking about 30 acres of lands from the Chiefs and indigenes of Kweiman, Danfa and Otinibi.

Mrs Adjabeng stressed that the CEO of Beige Capital, Mike Nyinaku has no legal land permits from the LaNkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly of the said lands acquired through illegal means.

And therefore the Assembly has every right to demolish the buildings on the lands because the private developer has no legal documents to claim the ownership of the lands, no building permits and more over some portion of the said lands have been allocated for the construction of a District Hospital for the Municipal Assembly.

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On the 26th February, 2021, the Chiefs at a press briefing indicated that the allodia owners of the land have not sold any lands to Mike Nyinaku and therefore should stop all activities on that particular land.

We want to make it clear to him and his company that we do not remember assigning anyone to put our lands on sale because we have collectively ceded some portions of the lands he is laying claims to, to the district assembly for the construction of a modern district hospital to take care of the health needs of our people”, they noted.

They are added that there are court judgments on the said lands which Mr Nyinaku claims to have acquired. They also alleged that Mr. Nyinaku has fraudulently created some documents purporting to be contracts of sale or indentures coming from some land owners.

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