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Video: Pastor storms betting center to preach against it – watch what happened

pastor storms betting centre

A video that shows a pastor storming a betting center to preach to the youth against the practice has emerged online.

Interestingly, however, while the man of God preached to appeal to the conscience of the patrons of the center, the young men inside continued with the betting regardless, while saying “amen” repeatedly.

The yet-to-be-identified preacher is seen in the video standing amid the betters inside the center and telling them about how God frowns on the practice.

He is also heard telling them to consider the judgment day and what account they will give to God about the life led on earth.


Despite the advice to repent, the patrons continued staking the bet while intermittently responding ‘Amen’ out of respect to the pastor.

Betting has become a source of income for the youth across the world with more and more betting companies emerging and promising highly competitive benefits.


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