Most of the ‘Big Girls’ You See On TV Have No Property of their Own – Adu Safowaa Throws Shots at Delay and Others

Adu Sarfowaa, a Ghanaian actress turned an Instagram commentator, has advised the youth not to look up to some of the media personalities in the countries.

It is normal to have some young persons in Ghana mention public figures as their role model and mentors.

They take every word of advice these persons give and in some cases, idolise them.

Actress Adu Sarfowaa has studied the trend carefully and noticed that most of these idols, especially those in the media landscape fake their lives to look good in public.

According to Adu Sarfowaa, most of these media personalities only know how to brag but do not have a single property registered in their name.

She stressed that some even beg to feed but sit on TV or radio and pretend all is rosey in their lives.

As for female broadcasters and personalities, Safowaa claimed they sleep around with fraud guys and drive cars registered in the names of their lovers but claim they are the owners.


In a quick rebuttal, a netizen slapped the actress saying she is worse of all yet calling the kettle black.

The lady alleged that Adu Sarfowaa intentionally sends money to friends for them to send back to her as a ‘surprise’.

Screenshot 20211118 110922 Instagram

This is about the second time Adu Safowaa has alleged that a certain female media personality is driving a car registered in the name of a fraudster.

We have a fair idea who she might be but for peace to reign online,we will keep the name to ourselves.



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