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Men’s Grooming :5 Simple Skin Care tips That will Make you Look More Fresh and Handsome

When it comes to taking care of the skin to look fresh and handsome, most Ghanaian men run from the subject at the mention of it.

This is because it seems like an expensive routine or a time-consuming habit because of the financial investment we see women make when it comes to beauty routines.

Interestingly, it is not the same with men. Skincare routines for men are anything but expensive and time-consuming.

Men's Grooming :5 Simple Skin Care tips That will Make you Look More Fresh and Handsome

1. Drink more water

The skin is the largest organ of the entire human body and as such needs to stay hydrated every time. Regular water intake keeps the skin moist and fresh which constantly gives a glowing and younger-looking effect.

2. Moisturize

It is always the simple things that bring the most change in the world of beauty. Applying lotion to the body every day keeps the skin looking radiant and healthier. It brings more life to the face than dry-looking skin.

3. Good Sleep

You will be amazed by how good sleep can make you wake up looking fresh and young. Most men often look stressed and aged because they do not get enough rest. This normally causes puffiness of the eyes.

4. Cut the booze and smoking

Alcohol normally causes swelling of the tissues, especially puffy eyes as well as smoking aside the effect of these substances to some internal organs. Staying off alcohol makes you look fresh and attractive always.

5. Workouts

Dedicate 3 months to workouts and you will come back thanking us later. Exercise gets blood circulating throughout the body, which gives your skin a healthy glow from the inside out. which Workouts affect our fitness, appearance, quality of life, aside the prevention of diseases it comes with.


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