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Meet Rwandan Boy Who Only Eats Grass And Lives Like An Animal (Video)

Meet Rwandan Boy Who Only Eats Grass And Lives Like An Animal

A video of Zanzimana Ellie, a Rwanda boy who feeds on grass and prefers to live in the forest has surfaced on social media.

Reports gathered that Ellie who is 21 years old cannot speak, eats grass, and prefers to live in the forest like an animal.

According to his mother, Ellie despite being a special child is a blessing from God, and an answer to her prayers as she and her husband stayed several years without a child.

Ellie’s mother disclosed that she and her husband who were desperate to have a child, prayed to God for even an abnormal child and Ellie is the answer to that prayer.

She confirmed that he doesn’t eat the food she prepares for him, but rather prefers feeding on fruits like bananas and most of the time grasses, adding that, people in their community call him a monkey.

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