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Meet Ramatu Bawumia: Dr Bawumia’s 1st wife he is allegedly hiding from the media

Bawumia and two wives

On 7th January 2021, during the inauguration ceremony of President Nana Addo and his Vice, Dr Bawumia, the Speaker of Parliament was made to mention names of dignitaries who were present to grace the occasion.
Upon getting to the name of the second lady, the Speaker of Parliament referred to her as Ramatu Bawumia but later retracted it and mentioned Samira Bawumia because according to him Ramatu was the name given to him.

Today a Facebook user has revealed the real reason the Speaker of Parliament was given Ramatu Bawumia. According to the account identified as Stephen Kwabena Attuh, Bawumia has a first wife called Ramatu Bawumia whom he is allegedly hiding from the public.

If indeed the Vice President has a first wife called Ramatu Bawumia then we can’t fathom why she is not in the public domain despite his religion permitting more than one wife.


However, Vice president Bawumia on October 15, 2020 celebrated his mother, a woman who also bears the name Ramatu Bawumia but has Hajia in it.

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  1. Please these are blatant lies you just posted, if you’re referring to the screenshot up there then that woman isn’t is mother but the wife of the former Veep ” Alhaji Aliu Mahama”. So get your facts right next time

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