Bibhu Prakash Swain posed as a doctor

Man Who Married Over 25 Women while Pretending to Be a Doctor Arrested

A man who duped numerous women into marrying him for money has been arrested.

66-year-old Bibhu Prakash Swain from India was travelling in a car when he was suddenly surrounded by a special police squad who had been tailing him for eight months.

Swain’s wives

After being interrogated by the officers, Swain admitted that he had posed as an imposter and married around 27 women in 10 different Indian states.

The Hindustan Times also reports that he admitted to defrauding over 12 banks through forging credit cards and fleeced numerous other people.

Swain was arrested after one of his wives filed a complaint with the police in May 2021. Police said that Swain, who posed as a doctor and professor, targeted women over 40 who were divorced of having issues with family.

“His motive was marrying for money.”

Swain posed as a well-paid government employee, and some of his wives included professors, lawyers, medics and a paramilitary officer.

He targeted his victims through dating websites while claiming to be 51 years old.

Authorities estimated he might have collected up to KSh 1.5 million from the unsuspecting women.

How Swain stole from wives

Police said that Swain would spend a few happy days with his wives after the wedding before looking for an excuse to borrow money of jewellery, claiming he had an emergency.

After getting the items, he moved on to his next target, hoping that being widowed or divorced women who had remarried in a conservative society, they would not report him to the police for fear.

However, in 2021, one of his wives, a 48-year-old, discovered that he was already married to at least seven other women.

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She secretly retrieved their contacts from his phone and contacted them to share their situation. Police established that Swain, a trained lab technician, first married in 1978 and had three children.

He changed cities after divorce before introducing himself as a doctor or professor and duping women.



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