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“I Am Not Your Dumsor Ambassador; Let Me Be!” – DKB Fires

DKB has issued a stern warning to individuals who are mounting what he described as ‘unnecessary pressure’ on him to champion a ‘dumsor vigil’ agenda.

According to the comedian, all grievances about the current power fluctuation (dumsor) in the country should be channeled to the government and not to him.

Born, Derick Kobinah Bonnie said he won’t be used to fulfil anybody’s selfish interest.

“I am not a dumsor ambassador. Neither am I a dumsor warrior or a dumsor freedom fighter. Take it out of your mind. If you have any plans of attacking govt, go ahead and attack and don’t try to use me. I’m smarter than that. I didn’t just get up to organize the dumsor vigil. It was until things got severe. I participated in the vigil because I was frustrated. The dumsor condition in the country is not severe yet,” he furiously said in an Instagram post.


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