Highest-Paid Holywood Stars

List Of Highest-Paid Holywood Stars

Hollywood has can give many stars in America and beyond equal opportunity to cash out big. Many superstars who have emerged, kind courtesy Hollywood are now worldwide celebrated superstars.

These people now have a major influence on the people that follow and adore them. Their wealth however was presented to them on a silver platter. Hollywood is very competitive and stars have to fight for their positions and maintain their roles as idols.

There is no doubt that those who have blossomed in Hollywood are multi-millionaires and can afford anything they could ever wish for in the world.

Below are the list of the highest paid Hollywood stars

1. Dwayne Jhonson

Dwayne Johnson - Family, Movies & Facts - Biography

Dwayne Johnson known as ”the rock” topped this year’s highest paid Hollywood stars just like he did last year. The former wrestling superstar now makes his millions from acting top notch Hollywood movies. According to Forbes magazine Dwayne Jhonson earned an estimated $87.5 million this year.

2. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Sells His Gin Brand in $610 Million Deal | Vanity Fair

The Canadian-American actor follows second on the list. Ryan is estimated by Forbes to have earned $71.5 million from his features in the Netflix production, ”Six Underground” and ” Red Notice.

3. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg's Workouts Start at 2:30 a.m. and I Can't Think Of Enough  Ways to Say 'No Thanks'

Holding down the number 3 position is Mark Wahlberg. The American actor and ex-rapper are known for his remarkable movies. The 49-year-old is estimated to have earned $58 million

4. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck looks in great shape with chiseled abs and bulging biceps at  his West LA office | Daily Mail Online

Straight up to the number 4 person on the list, Ben Affleck this time shot himself up on the list. The 48-year-old American actor was estimated to have earned a fair sum of  $55 million.

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