Five Android Apps For Watching Live EPL Matches In Ghana

The English Premier League, popularly referred to by many as the EPL is one of the biggest football leagues in the world. Some of the best teams in the world like Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Leicester City can all be found competing in this league.

EPL is not only one of the biggest football leagues in the western part of the world but in Ghana also, it is the biggest watched foreign football league competition. It is big to the point that, even some of the teams have their supporter’s union here in Ghana and they meet occasionally. Recently the Manchester United supporter’s union in Ghana was recognized by Manchester United on their official social media page.

Because the English Premier League (EPL) is not played in Ghana but in England, the only way you can watch is on the television or using a smart device. Using television there are only a few stations that have the license to show it and in Ghana, only Max TV has that license to show one match each week.

This means that if you want more you must find another way of watching it. For persons with subscriptions on DSTv, GoTV, Showmax, StarTimes, and all the other paid-subscription tv packages, you can watch more since most of the sports channels have the license.

What about those of us who cannot afford to pay monthly to watch the English Premier League? After reading this article, you will find out some five Android apps for watching live EPL matches in Ghana.

Whenever you want to watch live EPL matches in Ghana on your Android device, there are several apps you can choose from. In this guide, however, we have focused on five of such apps and each of them has been described briefly below.

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Mobdro is an Android streaming app that provides users with the best video content. How Mobdro works is that it searches all over the internet for links to the best streaming platforms that are showing what you want to watch and then provide you with the link to all of them in the app.

When using the Mobdro app to watch live EPL matches, the server will look all over the world for sites and platforms showing the match and then provide you with the link. The only requirement needed to use the Mobdro app is that your device must be running Android 4.2 or higher.

Apart from EPL, you can also use Mobdro to stream other videos in different categories like Tech, Food, movies, TV Series, etc. Also, the videos are available in different languages to make sure you have the exact language you need.

World Sports Stream

The World Sports Stream Android app is one of the best Android apps for watching live football and other sports matches in Ghana. There are several channels offered in the app which show live matches like the English Premier League and some movie channels also.

When using the World Sports Stream app, you don’t have the highest internet bandwidth. No matter the network you are using, if the network is stable enough to connect you will be able to watch your live EPL match uninterrupted.

In the settings option, users are provided with the option to choose the player they want to use for their streams. Among the list, the best player used by many is the MX player which works well with the World Sports Stream app.

Olweb TV

The third app on the list is the Olweb TV app for Android devices. This app is a very unique app because it allows you to watch your EPL matches without interruption by connecting the live sports channel showing the match through streamHunter.

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Unlike some of the other apps, once you open the app, there’s no need to search for the channel showing the match. Automatically, all the EPL live matches that are being shown will be listed in the Live Sports Events category.

From there, all you have to do is to tap on the match you want to watch and then enjoy it live in the app. Also, the channels are listed alphabetically under the countries menu category.

Vola Sports

Next on the list is Vola Sports which is a free sport live streaming app available for only Android users. Vola Sports provide users with access to live streams of all major sports events like football, basketball, tennis, etc. for which the EPL is a part.

Some of the features this app provides include highlights, live sports, multiple links, and countdowns, and many other amazing features. In terms of the interface, it is easy and can be used by anyone at all, no matter your tech background or experience.

Show Sport TV

The last app on the list today is the Show Sport TV app. Show Sport TV is one of the best Android apps for watching EPL matches in Ghana.

Show Sport TV allows users to watch almost all live sports events from around the world. There are over 80+ channels that provide you with the best sports content streaming in Ghana. Here you will find all the channels showing live EPL matches and with just one click you will be able to watch it live on your Android device.

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Android devices are known to have many advantages over other competing devices like iOS devices. This is because of the vast range of apps that can be installed even outside the default Google Play Store.

As one of the biggest football leagues in the world, the number of people who watch EPL in Ghana are many. But not everyone has the money to pay for subscription services. This should not hinder them from watching the sport and league they love most.

Upon reading this article you have found out five of the best Android apps you can use to watch live EPL matches. Browse through and select the one you find more interesting.

Which app can I use to watch Premier League matches?

There are several apps you can use to watch Premier League matches. Some of the top five are Show Sport TV, Vola Sports, Olweb TV, Mobdro, and the World Sports Stream app.

Are there any free apps to watch Premier League live?

Yes, there are some free apps you can use to watch Premier League matches live. Some of the top five are Show Sport TV, Vola Sports, Olweb TV, Mobdro, and the World Sports Stream app.

How do I watch EPL matches live on mobile?
If you are an Android mobile user, you can use the Show Sport TV, Vola Sports, Olweb TV, Mobdro, and the World Sports Stream apps to watch live EPL matches on your mobile.




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