Is That Her Real Face? – Fans Disappointed Over Real Photo of Hajia Bintu

Hajia Bintu, Ghana’s favorite socialite and IG model, was spotted in the streets and she looked nothing like her curvy and enticing photos on her page.

Fans have expressed disappointment because there was a huge difference between Hajia Bintu’s real photos and photos she post on Instagram.

On Instagram, Hajia Bintu has a flawless skin and looks very curvy but her real image is a clear indication that she has been using filters.

Her face was not as smooth as we see on Instagram, neither was the body most guys were craving for.

It is no news that some of these public figures post filtered and over edited photos online to give pressure to young girls.

What they refuse to tell their fans is that the beauty they post on the gram is different from their reality and these desperate girls break their bank just to look like them.

An IG blogger shared the image saying Hajia Bintu was spotted at Kokrobite, a suburb of Accra.

The blogger was drawing attention to the fact that Hajia Bintu was not pregnant as rumors went viral few weeks ago but her change in looks made it difficult to convince viewers.

It is said the female body goes through massive changes during pregnancy and some fans are convinced that is what Hajia Bintu is going through.

Her nose had become fat, her complexion burnt and her breast sagging, a total opposite from what we see on social media.

Photo below.

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