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Crime suspect proposes love to beautiful judge while on trial (video)

A crime suspect who appeared before a court to be tried with the potential to end up in prison forgot about his fate suddenly after seeing the face of the trial judge.

The burglary suspect identified as Demetrius Lewis appeared before a court in Florida on Thursday, February 4 during a virtual hearing.

Reports say he is facing a charge of attempted burglary and possession of the drug ecstasy.

As soon as he set his eyes on the female judge who would be hearing the case involving him, the suspect could not help expressing affection towards her, although he was in handcuffs.

A video in circulation on social media shows Demetrius Lewis saying: “Judge, you [are] so gorgeous, so gorgeous judge, I just had to tell you. You’re gorgeous. I love you. I love you.”

He started by asking the judge “how are you doing”, to which she replied “I’m good” before asking him in return how he was doing.

If not for the fact that the judge identified as Tabitha Blackmon is undoubtedly pretty, one would have said that Demetrius Lewis was just deliberately flattering her probably to court leniency but it appears he was genuinely expressing his feelings.

Unfortunately, while acknowledging the compliment with an infectious smile, the judge reminded the suspect that his flattery would hardly change anything.

“Alright, Mr. Lewis. Flattery will get you everywhere. But maybe not here,” Tabitha Blackmon.


Meanwhile, in other news, if Charles Acquaah-Arhin, marketer of the Daily Graphic newspaper continues to sell the newspapers, it surely must be a personal decision because he has an option now to do something different with his life after winning a National Lottery Authority (NLA) jackpot.

Reports say he won a whopping GHc1.42 million after staking just GHc50.00.

According to Graphic.com.gh, the win also came with a unique prize of GH¢20,000, which makes it the highest jackpot break ever in the history of a jackpot in Ghana.

What makes, Acquaah-Arhin mind-blowing is the fact that he has experience in the lottery game and is unable to figure out winning numbers.

Just like many others, the winner himself could not believe he won such a colossal amount of unexpected money as a result of a paltry GH¢50 he initially thought he was just virtually throwing away especially as it was the first time he had ever engaged in such a draw.

“I think this is just a reward from God for all the lives I’ve touched. I believe that is how come God has decided to help me to recoup whatever I lost in 10 folds,” Charles Acquaah-Arhin was quoted as having said.




credit: Pulse Ghana

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