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Couple date for 10 months, later find out they are siblings

A couple who had been dating for ten months and fell in love has discovered they are biological siblings after they went for a DNA test.

In a post sighted on the Facebook page of Toya Williford, she disclosed that she met her prince charming ten months ago and they ”fell in love instantly.”

“Everybody was always saying how much we looked so much alike and they would always say ‘y’all might be related’ but we always laughed it off,” she said.

According to Williford, exactly one month ago this year, they decided to get a DNA test and the result confirmed the suspicions.

”One month ago we decided to get a DNA test to finally put the rumors to rest. We were both excited to get the result only to find out we are related. ”We found out we were brother and sister.

Yes, I was just as shocked as you guys.” Despite knowing that they are related, she said they have decided to continue with the relationship.

”We were and still are madly in love; we decided to continue our relationship,” she said.

Williford’s post has gone viral and garnered over 14,000 comments.

Isiahphena FoxyFe Norwood indicated that she couldn’t continue with the relationship after finding out that she had been dating her biological brother. She writes:

”Nall no way I could continue after finding out. Y’all didn’t have a conversation about family or mutual friends on Facebook. That usually to raise a lot of questions and led to who knows who.”



–Yen Ghana–


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