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Consequences Of Body Shaping Enhancement Surgeries

Fitness trainer and bodybuilder, Vanessa Korleki

Having beautiful body shape is what most females opined, perhaps an influence mostly from femle celebrities or female social influencers. they are several ways to achieving those fitnes or body shapes.

Out indolence,many chooses the fastest way which is surgeries, just to gain those body shapes. The less to think off is , it has become very usual.

Fitness trainer and bodybuilder, Vanessa Korleki a professional, has sent out a word of caution to young women who decide to go in for cosmetic surgeries and body-shaping surgeries.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Vanessa aka Nessa stated what the consequences of body enhancement surgeries are. According to her, the shape/curves you get after the surgery do not last.

She added that to get the perfect body shape, “you must do the work. Hitting the gym is the best way to lose or gain weight in all the right places. That is the only way to gain the shape and flat tummy you want.”

Vanessa is an award-winning bodybuilder and has won international competitions as well.

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