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China deploys frontline doctors to Ghana to combat COVID-19

China has deployed a medical team, including frontline doctors to Ghana to help curb the spread of COVID-19, according to a report by

The team includes 11 doctors in various specialties who have been trained on COVID-19 prevention and treatment in China, said Zhuang Shaohui, Leader of the medical team.

The 10th batch of Chinese medical team in Ghana is from the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, which was a designated hospital for COVID-19 patients in China.

“In particular, three medical specialists of our team have been on the frontline to combat the pandemic in China, whose practical experience, I believe, will also work here in Ghana,” the Xinhua News Agency quoted Zhuang as saying.

“Once we start the work in the China-Ghana Friendship Hospital, we will do our best to share the relevant experiences with local doctors to help them better understand the route to curb the pandemic,” he further added.

China has dispatched 10 medical teams to Ghana in a bid to support the country’s medical and healthcare services. Over years, the Chinese doctors have been devoted to serving local patients, which have been widely acclaimed by the country and its people.

The development comes after the West African nation recorded a new strain of the coronavirus from its arrivals at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

The country could face new COVID restrictions, as it grapples with mounting coronavirus infections, authorities said on Sunday.

New active cases have reached 1,924 with an average of 200 infections daily.

13 out of 16 regions in Ghana have recorded virus infections as concerns grow over the blatant dihurtcols among the public.

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The government said, however, that it may be forced to reintroduce restrictions including a lockdown if Ghana’s COVID-19 cases continually increase.

So far 352 COVID-related fatalities have been recorded in Ghana.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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