Black woman gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby boy with light skin & unusual red hair

A publication by nayenews24.info has reported the story of an African-American mother who has a 6-year-old called Matthew with red hair.

The report had the mother sharing that she knew from an ultrasound she took while pregnant that her child is hairy but had no idea he would have red hair.

According to the boy’s mum, one of the nurses at the labour room screamed when her baby came out and that got her very worried.

Shortly after the scream, the nurse informed her of the colour of her son’s skin and she was surprised.

In disbelief, she instructed the nurses to wash the baby’s hair well. They did that three times and the hair colour was the same, nayenews24.info reported.

According to nayenews24.info, for a child to be born with red hair, both parents must carry the MC1R gene which meant both parents need to be red headed but that was not the case.

The mother also revealed that there have been many times people have assumed she is the boy’s nanny when they see them together in public and she ended up having to explain what the situation is.

She also said she has faced a lot of discrimination from people including being accused of stealing someone’s child and getting reported to the police.


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