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Beautiful Frustrated Woman Hits The Streets With Placards In Search Of Husband [Video]

A lady identified as Lucy Chemutai, has taken to the streets of Eldoret in search of a husband to marry, armed with a placard depicting the kind of man she wants.

Most women dream of settling down and starting a family at one point in their life after going through school and acquiring some work experience and character development after a few heartbreaks,

However, this is not always the case for all women since some get unlucky in attracting life partners for various reasons, and as they get older some ladies slip into desperation, and they are forced to take matters into their own hands.

Lucy Chemutai has taken to the streets of Eldoret in search of a husband

Unlike men who are on the safer end because they can settle at older ages: Most women at some point get worried when age is catching up and biological instincts start kicking in.

This is exactly what transpired in the streets of Eldoret when a middle-aged lady decided to find her soulmate on the streets.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, one lady going by the name, Lucy Chemutai has paraded herself armed with a placard in the streets of Eldoret in the quest to find a suitor as soon as possible.

What captured the attention of many from her description on the ideal man, is that she made it clear that she was not out to look for someone who is Rich or poor.


Her placard reads; “Sura sio shida, bora uhai” loosely translated as (looks not a priority as long as he’s alive). She further wrote, “Hata Kama Hana Katitu” which loosely translates to even if a man isn’t attractive and financially stable, she is willing to forego the demands ’.

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Watch the video below


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