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‘Bad Man’ Sarkodie Busted in Intimate Location Chilling with A Slay Queen – Fans Fear for His Wife

Ghanaian rap superstar Sarkodie has tensioned social media users after a video of him chilling with a slay queen in a coded location popped up.

King Sark in the video is in a room with the unidentified chick, enjoying themselves to the tune of Kelvynboy’s ‘Down Flat’ playing in the background.

The new song from the alleged domestic abuser has become Sarkodie’s favourite that he plays everywhere he goes.

A few days back, he made news when he asked a DJ in a London club to play the new song by Kelvyn.

Sarkodie’s love for the song is now legendary, and he’s seen enjoying the tune in this new video with a buxom slay queen in the background.

Once again, Obidiponbidi is spotted in a compromising situation with an underdressed slay queen with no regard for his marriage.

Some will say it’s part of the job but when you’re married, you take care to ensure some things do not happen.

Sark doesn’t seem to care but some fans are worried.

One netizen reacted to the video writing: “Hmm na where’s his wife, asking for a friend😮”

Tracy’s used to this by now – this isn’t the first and won’t be the last Sark is caught in such a situation.

Man is enjoying life! Check the video below…

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