Android Vs iPhone

Android Vs iPhone: What you need to know when buying the right phone

Android Vs iPhone

If you’re reading this article on a mobile phone you’re most likely using an Android phone or an iPhone which uses the iOS operating system. We know the two operating systems are different for several reasons. However, what exactly are the differences and how did Android and iPhones come to be?

I want to look at what the two operating systems are exactly.

Android is a mobile operating system that was first developed by a Silicon Valley company named Android Inc, and the Android operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source.

A  collaboration that was spearheaded by Google in 2007 through the Open Handset Alliance, OHA for short, gave Android an edge in delivering a complete software set that includes the main OS which is the operating system, Middleware, and specific mobile applications. Now as I mentioned it was initially developed by Android Inc And Google had bought Android in 2005

One of Android selling features is the ability to break down application boundaries. Another advantage is that it’s easily developed and not to mention the speed of its app development so there’s a large community of developers.
Developers continually create and design apps for the Android markets and these apps are then made available to the world through Google’s Android Market as well as other third-party sites.

Now switching gears over into iPhone, iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc and it combines a computer and iPod, a digital camera, and a cellular phone, all into one device with a touchscreen interface.

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The iPhone runs on the iOS Operating System and the history of the iPhone began with a request from Apple Inc’s former CEO the late Steve Jobs to the company’s engineers and he asked them to investigate the use of touchscreen devices on Tablet computers.

One of the great things about the iPhone is that they have a lot of software updates and they happen very quickly. Unlike Google for Android, Apple however controls its entire iPhone ecosystem so that means it can deliver iPhone updates to you on the day that they’re ready and you can get new features and security fixes immediately. It has great security because the frequency and the immediacy of the updates help in this area

Apple also has a very locked down and curated app store to protect you and also encrypt your iPhone so hackers can’t steal their information as easily.

Another major differentiator between the iPhone and the Android is the companies that manufacture them, the iPhone is only made by Apple, and Android isn’t tied to a single manufacturer. Google develops the Android operating system and then licenses it to companies to sell their Android devices like Motorola, HTC, Huawei, and of course Samsung.

It’s not until more recently that Google started creating their own Android phones and they call that the Google Pixel

You got to think of Android like Windows the software is made by a single company but it’s sold on hardware to a lot of different companies and the iPhone is like the Mac operating system, it’s made by Apple and it only runs on Apple devices.

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When it comes to the availability of Androids, there are many phones and tablets that run on it and major manufacturers are Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, HTC, Nexus, and a whole stream of other devices. When it comes to Apple’s iOS, it’s used on the iPod touch, of course, the iPhone, iPad as well as Apple TV

There’s also a difference between how androids and iPhones transfer files. So generally speaking It’s easier to transfer files on your Android phone than it is on your iOS device. You can simply plug in a USB port to your device connected to your computer desktop or laptop, whatever, and then that’s it. You don’t need any in-between apps to do this for you.

On iPhones, it’s a little bit more difficult because media files can be transferred through iTunes on the desktop now, photos can be transferred out via USB but good luck trying to drag and drop your music just like that on your iPhone.

Android phones offer the widest choice of accessories; it’s because of their USB port. It’s pretty standard. So a lot of other external devices and attachments just use that the USB port.

However, the iPhones, on the other hand, use their own type of port so it really limits the kind of accessories that are used on it. You can still get a lot of quality accessories for your iPhone, but it’s just less widely compatible than an  Android so you see both platforms are good choices for different people.

You’ll need to decide what factors are most important to you when you choose an iPhone or an Android to really meet your needs?

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So yeah Let me know if your team iPhone or team Android down below in the comment section.

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