Afia Schwarzenegger And New Lover

VIDEO: Afia Schwarzenegger And New Lover Exposed At Party

Afia Schwarzenneger in her deep quest to find someone who will be by her side has found someone finally.

From being the breadwinner of numerous relationships, we hope this time around she will not have to use bank loans to take care of her partners who never show genuine love for her.

If a man she laid with, took care of financially and called her husband could leak her n*nakedness, I do not think she has many standards left to require when she is looking for a man.

Well her dawn prayers have been answered and finally, it seems like she found someone who may be interested in her.

Afia Schwarzenegger was seen at a party this weekend and she was not discreet when it came to fondling.

She was behind a curtain gentleman and could not keep her hands off him.

It is uncertain whether this indeed is her newest prey or if she met him there and wanted him so bad but knowing Afia Schwarzenegger, the latter can be true.

The video mentioned the man as Odowan and described him as a wealthy man. At least this time she is righting her wrongs.

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In the video, however, the guy is paying her no attention as she seeks attention from him desperately. He did not flinch as she was all over him and he seemed embarrassed to be seen in her presence.

Most times it’s the known face who does the hiding but not Afia, she wanted everyone to notice that she too is wanted…and not by the police for flashing ammunition carelessly.

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Somebody’s son should make her dream come true and wife her up already because the desperate mother of three makes single motherhood look incredibly unappealing and that is not generally the case…far from that even.




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