Abena Moet's husband sucking her boobs

Video of Abena Moet’s husband sucking her boobs surfaces online

A video of Abena Moet’s husband fondling her ‘beach umbrellas’ at the comfort of their room has made it online.

In the video, Nana Yaw, the husband of the Neat FM presenter was captured sucking the boobs of his wife whilst she happily looked on. The video was first recorded on snapchat by Abena Moet. “Are you acting porn on my snap?” she asked whilst filming the act.

Unbothered Nana Yaw continued to enjoy the act. The short video has gone viral on social media with netizens having a lot to say about it. Whilst others believe the couple are married and allowed to enjoy each other in that manner, others believe recording it for social media is not good.

Abena Moet has reacted to the comments and how the video made it online. Speaking on the Neat FM she appears on, she said “I was watching TV in the house and I was snapping, then he came to lie on me. He just kissed my breast, not the nipple, the cleavage”.

“Do you know the funny thing, when you posted that video like I saw it like twenty minutes later and I was like what the hell and I deleted it, I don’t when, within twenty minutes I deleted it,” she told Ola Michael.



According to Abena Moetshe doesn’t understand why people complaining because she is married. However, she admitted that the video was quite too much to show on social media.

“Honestly I saw that it was a little extreme because we were just playing, I was fully dressed. You see that me I have huge boobs, so even if I cover it when you see my chest you’ll think it’s my breast but I was dressed. My friend was even sitting there,” she said.


The outspoken radio presenter who works with Despite Media, tied the knot with Nana Yaw aka Jayessah on saturday 27th March 2021.


–Pulse Ghana–

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