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8 powerful business ventures to consider in 2021

The year 2020 is almost over and, as usual, everyone must have already begun drawing plans for the next year.

With the Coronavirus pandemic disrupting many businesses and rendering some jobless, looking for new business ventures will certainly be on the agenda of many people.

There are still many businesses that one can venture into, although it requires focus, determination, and hard work.

Below are eight powerful business ventures to consider as we prepare to enter 2021:

1) Bar and grill business

Before deciding to set up a bar and grill business, you must make sure that it is placed at a strategic location.

Once this is done and your grills are tasty, you will definitely attract socialites, especially those who love nightlife.

2) Production of bottled water

Producing purified and bottled water for consumption is another business that is currently booming in Ghana.

While there are many established brands in the market, these brands are not readily available in all communities and are sometimes more expensive.

So, there’s still a market for more bottled water production, provided it’s affordable and safe to drink.

3) Commercial cleaning company

Starting a commercial cleaning business is one venture that could generate good returns within a short period of time.

This is because many people are becoming busier by the day and are therefore unable to do their laundry.

Should your company prove to be efficient, you are likely to have more customers trooping in with their laundries.

4) Cold store/ frozen foods shop

Ghana has enjoyed stable electricity for some time now and that means less cost for anyone that wants to start a frozen food shop.

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Foods like chicken, beef, fish and pork are high on the demand lists of Ghanaians and you are sure to get a lot of customers.

5) A smoothie bar

You can count a lot of people who like to enjoy smoothies but just can’t find places where they can get them… for cheap.

Setting up a bar that specifically serves smoothies won’t hurt. In fact, it could be the beginning of a business that could soon become the market leader, since not many smoothies bars are known.

6) Travelling agency

Courier companies springing up shows how lucrative the travel industry has become. But unlike couriers, why not set up a local travel agency.

Your company could help clients purchase tickets, book hotels, book taxi cabs, as well as offer services such as arranging for sightseeing for the clients.

7) Waste management

One very lucrative yet neglected business venture in Ghana is waste management. Again, you don’t need so much money to start with.

There are many waste management companies in the country operating on a large scale, but you can narrow your target market to lower-class homes.

Many houses and drainages are choked and the market is waiting for a company to take up the mantle of cleaning them up. Your company could do that at a fee.

8) Open a restaurant

Opening a restaurant doesn’t mean you should set up a fancy eatery. You can start small and then expand later when your finances permit.

This is a promising business opportunity, especially as many Ghanaians usually prefer to buy foods that they are unable to prepare themselves.

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You are likely to have more customers if your restaurant takes deliveries and delivers the food to customers at their homes.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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