5 Texts Men Wish Women Should Stop Sending And 5 They Want Instead

Think back to all of the best and most amazing moments that you have shared with your partner. It’s likely that the memories you will come up with are made up of the two of you being in each other’s presence. It’s very rare that the most amazing moments of your relationship are when the two of you are apart from one another.

However, that doesn’t mean that just because the two of you can’t be in the same physical space, you shouldn’t be making an effort with him anymore. Constant communication between the two of you will draw each of you closer. But there are some red flags or certain communication styles that may piss your partner off.

There are just certain texts that you might be sending your man which he secretly hates. And there might be certain messages that he wishes he could be receiving from you instead. You should get to know them and avoid them if you want a healthy happy relationship.

Highlighted in this article are some texts you should avoid and the ones you should use instead.

1. Stop texting: “What’s up?”

Using this is quite too nonchalant and casual. This portrays an attitude that seem not to care about knowing what your partner really is up to. It also tells him that you’re not really interested in knowing him or her well.

Instead, text him: “Wish I was with you now!”

Instead of just asking him the question, what’s up, actually, let him know that you wish you were with him at that very moment! Let him get to realize that you really miss him and that the two of you been apart is really a headache to you.

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2. Stop texting: “I don’t know. You decide.”

There are some men who dislike women who are indecisive. They always love to involve their partners in every decision making process. So when he asks you about what you want to do for date night, then you tell him you dont really know, its kind of weird to him and he expects something better from you.

Anytime there is a situation to decide on give him a straight answer. Stop leaving him to make all of the decisions. It might give him the impression that you’re disinterested.

Instead, text him: “I think we should try doing this tonight!”

Show initiative. Tell him the actual thing you want to do with him at that particular night. Be direct and let him know that you’re enthusiastic about the idea of being able to spend time with him.

3. Stop texting: “Why are you going out without me?”

Most ladies are too clingy. They dont want their partners to go out with other friends and chill. If that happens you make him feel bad for having a life. You should still be supportive of the fact that he has friends outside of the relationship. Don’t be overly clingy and territorial. That is never a good look to have in any kind of romantic relationship.

Instead, text him: “Let me know when you’re free to hang out next!”

You should accord some amount of respect for his time and his schedule too. It shouldn’t be only you and you alone. Always ask him with humility and respect when he would free time out of his busy schedules to hang out with you. Don’t make it seem like you feel entitled to have all of his time.

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4. Stop texting: “Did you pick up the laundry?”

This sounds too domineering right? Culturally, women are supposed to do everything related to laundry. Men are always to offer a helping hand. So asking your partner if he picked up the laundry is kind of leaving off your responsibilities and asking him to hold them up.

Instead, text him: “I appreciate everything that you do for me.”

Instead of texting him to do things for you all of the time, why don’t you try showing some gratitude and appreciation instead? Let him know that his efforts don’t go unnoticed or underappreciated. You have to show him that you understand his worth.

5. Stop texting: “Want to do it later?”

Not to say that you and your girl shouldn’t be having any sensual and romantic moments with one another. But it shouldn’t be something that you should constantly be initiating through text. You don’t want to give her the wrong idea of what your intentions might be.

Instead, text him: “I can’t wait to have you all to myself!”

Never get tired of letting him know that you love him. This is something that he is never going to grow tired of hearing. Take the time to text him that you love him every so often.

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