5 reasons why getting married in your thirties might be a good idea

You will always be able to get married, but divorces suck, not only emotionally but financially too, so it is important to relax and take that bold decision of getting married.

Most people still choose to get married although we now it’s no longer something we actually have to do.

It’s like a gesture of love, a big party and in some countries, there are certain benefits that come with married life.

But if you feel like you’re being pushed to get married before thirty cause it’ll be too late after – stop and think about it. What’s the rush? You will always be able to get married, but divorces suck, not only emotionally but financially too.

So it’s always better to wait until you’re absolutely sure instead of rushing into it.

Here are some very good reasons to only get married after 30:

You are likely to be financially better and stable

You’re far more likely to be better off financially in your thirties than you are in your twenties. We’re not saying you’ll know everything in your thirties, many of us still struggle with who we want to be and what our career should look like even in our thirties, but at least by this time most of us manage to learn how to deal with money.

You’ll be more certain as to what you want

You’ll know what you actually want from your partner. It takes a while to figure out what you like and what you need versus the idea of what you imagine perfect relationships to be like based on movies. You’ll be surprised how different real life is to what Hollywood made us believe.

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Have more time to experience life

You’ll have more time to experiment, travel, try new things and have various experiences. You’ll date around, you’ll have the freedom of having a fling and then never caring to see them again. You might think it’s silly, but it’s better to try it all and get it out of your system, instead of getting married early and wondering what that would be like.

Appreciate married life more

You’ll appreciate married life way more if you get married in your thirties. By this time most people get the majority of their wild partying, and crazy dramatic arguments out of the way and are ready to settle down into a lovely life with a person they feel safe and comfortable to be themselves with.

You’ll probably just have a better wedding

Finally, you’ll probably just have a better wedding in your thirties. You’ll know what you want it to look like and have the means to pay for the perfect venue, dress, decorations, etc. You’ll know who your real friends are and who are the people you want to celebrate with. You’ll be more confident and able to do stuff your way and not just try to please your parents or worry about what family will think of your first dance. In fact, that relative is not getting an invite cause no one needs his/her negative vibes at your wedding.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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