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“2024 Will Be A Year Of Damage For NPP, If…” – Omane Acheampong Cries

Gospel musician and New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizer, Nicholas Omane Acheampong has sent words of caution to party leaders to be up and doing before Nana’s administration comes to an end.

According to the “Tabita Kum” hitmaker, the Party foot soldiers are wailing all day because of the hardship upon them – their reason for voting for change.

He further adds that such things are very dormant in the fraternity of their direct rivals, supporters of the National Democratic Congress because they make the grassroots their number one priority, hence the NPP must learn from it if they want to seize power in 2024.

Again, Omane Acheampong claims that the flagship Free SHS alone could have sustained the party more seats in parliament but ended up losing all to the opposition NDC due to neglects of the party grassroots

“The leadership of the NPP should check leadership issues and solve issues as early as possible else 2024 would be a wrong move for us. The party needs faithful and good leaders to lead, not those who don’t appreciate goodness from the party faithful. If we joke, we shall return back to the opposition due to anger, among other reasons. The party followers are angry, they are crying within them each day, it’s too much and we need top leadership at party offices to attend to these individuals. They need to be shown love due to the suffering they gained upon themselves for the party” speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ on Okay FM.

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Speaking on the way forward he said, “I don’t much problem myself but the foot soldiers and the grassroots are weeping. They’ve made Sammy Awuku and madam Hawa’s house their various destination of voicing out their issues. You’ll hardly see these things in the opposition National Democratic Congress; they make the grassroots their number one priority. Campaign alone don’t win elections, we’ve won the elections, now it’s left with attaining to them and making them happy. They can’t solve all the problems but the anger within people is too much, they talk out of bitterness about the party, it needs to be worked on else 2024 would be a damage” he told host of the show.

He added, “This the first time in any African country that a government has introduced free SHS, should this have been the outcome? The bitterness in the party grassroots is pulling things down. Call the visible leaders to lead affairs, and arrange party loyalist well for the 2024 elections, we need to start now because if we wait till the end, there would be nothing for us. I’m not talking about sharing of money but we need to attend to the grassroots. It’s a disgrace that aside all these great achievements of Free SHS and things, NPP couldn’t get the numbers to get Speaker of Parliament to their side – that shows there’s something wrong”.

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