10 most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana (with pictures)

A school’s aesthetic environment impacts learning in numerous ways. So, when someone talks about a school entrance’s aesthetic appeal when looking for the best, they might seem bizarre and a bit off, but the ideology makes a lot of sense. Isn’t the school’s entrance an introduction to what lies ahead? That is why there is growing interest in the most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana.

Which senior learning institution has the most creative or decorative entrance that produces a remarkable impression?

Yes, a school’s entrance’s beauty gives an impression that better things are coming upon entry. And that is the essence of creating a conducive learning environment. Indeed, Ghanaian learning institutions have chosen to create a welcoming school environment by putting up a lovely entrance. Which ones have the best entrances in the country?

10 of the most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

Considering the entrance is the first view of visitors, senior schools in Ghana have seen the need to make it look as attractive as possible. A majority of these learning institutions have already created a great environment that promotes better learning and effective teaching methods.

Although the best SHS entrance in Ghana is one of the most debatable topics, some schools have amazing entrances that require an accolade. These senior high schools have the most astounding architectural designs and arrangement of their entrance that you will marvel upon the first view.

1. PRESEC, Legon

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

The Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, located in Legon, a suburb in Accra, possesses one of the country’s best entrances. The learning institution was founded in 1938 under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast that is Ghana today.

The entrance has amazing architectural designs with red, blue, and white colours dominant. The school’s emblem is strategically positioned at the top-most, middle section.

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2. St. Peter’s SHS

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

St. Peter Boy’s Senior High School popularly known as PRESCO has one of the most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana. It is a Roman Catholic boy’s learning institution located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It was established in 1957 by the Divine Word Missionaries.

Although it was established more than sixty years ago, the school features a modern entrance with impressive creativity. The white and yellow shades are the most dominant. You will also love the multiple concrete layers on the entrance that makes it look futuristic.

3. Accra Academy Read more:

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

Accra Academy is one of the best private academies in Ghana. It is a non-denominational day and boarding boys’ school located in Kaneshie in the Greater Accra Region. Since it was founded in 1931, the school has had ample time to work on its environment, and the entrance is a great testament to this.

The design is fabulous and rich in symbolic colours, and it represents both the modern and contemporary style and what many would consider old-school. The blend that comes out in the final design baffles many and makes it one of the best senior high school entrances.

4. Methodist Girls Senior High School

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

The Methodist Girls Senior High School is located in the Akuapim North District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. It possesses one of the best entrances when compared to other senior high schools in Ghana. What makes the entrance distinct and noticeable?

First, it has well-designed pillars that possess the school’s dominant colours. Additionally, the top section that mimics a rooftop is impeccably designed to bring out something amazing. Indeed, it is an entrance that will make you want to know more about the school’s environment. The welcoming aura is evident upon the first view.

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5. Saint John’s Senior High School

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

Saint John is a great Roman Catholic senior high school located in Sekondi, Ghana’s Western Region. It ranks as one of the best senior high schools in the region and has great recognition all over Ghana. Of course, the school’s gate represents its brand, and the colours and imagery are clearly visible.

The school’s name is positioned on the entrance’s top section and the logo at the gate. The entrance’s design is perfectly in line with the region the school represents.

6. Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) Girl’s Senior High School

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

Our Lady of Apostles is an all-female senior high school located in Ho, in Ghana’s Volta Region. The learning centre was established in 1954 under the name Queen of Apostles Secondary School by the Roman Catholic Church. Since then, even after a change in their identity, the school excelled in their WASSCE. The entrance is marvellous, featuring a well-designed gate with vibrant colours.

Of course, the school’s name is located at the top-most section. One of the most interesting and unique things about the school’s entrance is its two openings, possibly an entry and exit section. This shows the school’s great organization.

7. T. I Ahmadiyya Senior High School

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

T. I Ahmadiyya Senior High School has the best SHS entrance in Ashanti Region. It is a co-educational second-cycle public institution established on January 30, 1950, by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission.

The entrance features Islamic architecture like the pointed arch and dome. Indeed, it is a scenic entrance that welcomes any guest with open arms.

The path that leads to the school’s entrance is also well-paved with the curbs looking great with matching black and white colours.

8. Archbishop Porter Girl’s Senior High School (A.P.G.S.S)

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

Archbishop Porter Girl’s Senior High School is a popular and renowned senior high school in Takorodi, in the Western Region of Ghana. Even though it is a Catholic learning centre, it welcomes girls from all denominations. The Western Region, where the school is located, is renowned as “the hill of tranquillity” because of its peaceful and serene academic atmosphere.

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This creates a great learning environment when combined with the schools’ amazing entrance built by some of the best engineers in Ghana.

9. Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

This learning institution, located in Saltpond, in the Central Region of Ghana, was established by Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Its entrance is colourful and futuristic. Indeed, there is hardly any other senior high schools that can come anywhere near this unique look.

10. Adisadel College

most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana

Adisadel College is an Anglican boys’ boarding school located in Cape Coast, Ghana. It has been recognized as having one of the best SHS entrances in Ghana. The institution has a rich history considering it was established in 1910 in a building at Topp Yard, near Christ Church School.

Whether you were looking for the best SHS entrance in Kumasi or any other preferred region, the above list is a great example of senior high schools’ aesthetic appeal in Ghana. The schools with the most beautiful SHS entrances in Ghana are also good performers and produce well-molded and educated students. Perhaps the theory of having a conducive environment to boost learning is realistic.


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