10 Easy-Proven Ways To Get A Sugar Mummy Both In Ghana And Abroad In 2021

You will ultimately grab for yourself a beautiful sugar mummy who will be like your dog and act based on the instructions you give her being it good, bad or ugly.

She will be all over you and simultaneously buzz your phone with senseless phone calls because she will be addicted not only to your body but additionally to your soul also!

Your “lucky” sugar mummy will be admitted at the hospital because her obsession with you will her mentally affect her and drive her insane.

She wouldn’t be able to live a day without having your d!ck in her mouth sucking you dry till you feel like you’re the Julius Ceasar of our time.

People will begin to speculate that you’ve cast a spell on her but never mind because you’re a king and deserved to be treated as such.

Most importantly, you must be smart, I’m not talking about the 1+1 kind of smart over here, getting a sugar mummy anywhere in this world depends on your alacrity.

Your character and persona must be marked by speed, liveliness vigor, and super-energy.

You can never get a sugar mummy if you’re shy and a weakling.

Don’t be a soy loser boy, always be ready to GO PACK AND GO!

A large number of loudmouth guys you see around are pretty shy and can never hold any meaningful conversation with a mature woman, not to talk of getting them to fall in love with them.

Pay constructive attention to the details below like your life depends on it if you’re serious about grabbing one of the insanely rich sugar mummies both in Ghana and abroad.

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1. A rich, mature woman needs a young man with focus. You must not be a poor, dumb idiot who doesn’t even know how to spell his name.

2. Taling about money on your first date means you’re a fool. Never talk about cheddar on your first two to three dates. You must be creative enough in holding a pound for pound convo with her.

3 Tell her some of your achievements but don’t exaggerate too much!

Always have it at the back of your mind that that you are seducing a matured cash cow, and the amount you will get depends on how well you seduce and sell your self to her.

4. Pro tip; If you have scheduled to meet in a restaurant and she gets there before you, in a witty way, tell her that you asked the waiter to direct you to the only table where the most beautiful woman is seated. It’s a fat lie but anything for the cash!

5. Always make sure that most of your ambitions comes up duing your convo. She will see you as a serious guy. Not money, money, money all of the time.

6. After about some months, tell your sugar mummy who has now fallen in love with you that you have a big project which needs funding immediate funding.

Here, you’re indirectly asking her to connect you with some big men in the country. Most often these old women are well-connected.

Don’t sound demanding when you’re asking for money or other favours. Don’t nag also, send that stupid behaviour to your wife or girlfriend!

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8. Anytime she asks why you’re not willing to date young girls, just tell her matured people date sensibly unlike the young ladies who are full of senseless dramas.

You can also lie that, matured and financially-independent women are never hard on their partner’s pockets ( You will see her smiling )

8. Bedroom game; this is one the most important part in the hunt for sugar mummy game. If you can’t fu!k the hell out of your sugar mummy, you will obviously fail to qualify for the next round or you will be kicked out in the qualifiers.

Make sure your strokes are able to bring down the walls of Jericho. Find natural boosters to improve your bedroom game. Perfection is the goal over here.

If you succeed in hitting her hard like prime Johnny Sins, she might even force you to come and stay in her plush house with her.

9. Knowing how to drive also gives you a fast sprint. Most sugar mummies love guys who can drive. They enjoy driving around town with their sugar boys disguised as their driver(s)

If you are a good driver, that will be a plus for you. Even if you don’t own a valid driving license, learn how to drive at all costs. She will get you some along the way.

10. Anytime she dashes your money or gifts, never forget to say thank you because ingratitude has a long and deep story.

Always appear and sound grateful.

It’s always courteous to do so. Do well to compliment her with some nice words. Just be creative and you will finally achieve your goals.

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Send me some cash if my tricks work for you!

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